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Zonet ZEW1642D 802. 11N Wireless Pci Adapter

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ZEW1642D 802 11N Wireless Pci Adapter


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The Zonet ZEW1642D 802. 11N Wireless Pci Adapter manufactured by Zonet is a nice item for anyone who is looking for a brand new WiFi. I certainly loved that the product has the feature of interface: one 32-bit pci interface. chipset ralink:2760 + ralink 2720. os:windows 2000 / xp / vista. The WiFi card weighs something like 0.55 lbs. Lowest price Zonet ZEW1642D 802. 11N Wireless Pci Adapter, add to cart by clicking on the hyperlink below.

The Zonet ZEW1642D 802. The advanced 64/128-bit WEP, WPA/WPA2 encryption methods offer secured access for your transfer. 11N Wireless PCI Adapter into any low-profile PC. 11n standards, backward compatible with IEEE802. The Zonet ZEW1642D 802. 11b/g to assure compatibility in any wireless network. As soon as you connected, you can access for the internet, stay in touch with your emails, send enormous files across the network faster and farther than ever just before. Simply replace the regular bracket with the low-profile bracket to install Zonet ZEW1642D 802. 11N Wireless PCI Adapter comes with a low-profile bracket. 11N Wireless PCI Adapter receives and transmits upto 300Mbps speed to your computers with out running wires. It complies with IEEE802.


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