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D-link Xtreme N DWA-566 Ieee 802. 11N Pci Express X1 - Wi-fi Adapter

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Xtreme N DWA566 Ieee 802 11N Pci Express

D-Link Systems, Inc.

Package Quantity: 1

Xtreme N DWA-566 Ieee 802. 11N Pci Express a great item made by D-link Systems, Inc. is a good way to flaunt simply how much of a technology nerd your are. The bar code for this item is 0790069356353. A listing of features are 50 and 125. The WiFi card has got a weight of 0.53 lbs. Purchasing the Xtreme N DWA-566 Ieee 802. 11N Pci Express, click the link below.

Simply connect the D-Link DWA-566 Xtreme adapter to your computer's PCI-Express port to boost the speed and range of your wireless 802. 11g signal by 5x. Dual-band technologies supports both 2. 4 GHz (for surfing the internet, checking emails and making on the web purchases) and 5 GHz (for online gaming or streaming high definition content ).


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