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Blitzz BWI605 Net Wave Point Wireless Pci Card (802. 11B 11 Mbps)

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Blitzz BWI605 Net Wave Point Wireless

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Everybody knows how terrific and simple it can be purchasing on the net. I in fact loved that it had the feature of provides user authentication to enforce tight security. Other features include fully ieee 802. 11b compatible and features 11 mbps data rate. To get the same low price I found, visit the link.

Avoid cabling conundrums and drilling holes into walls with the Blitzz 802. 11b wireless standards and PCI. For added network security, it supports WEP 128-bit information encryption to defend from wireless hackers. It supports most popular operating systems such as Windows 98SE, ME, 2000 and XP making it easy to attach your computers to a wired-free network. Just put the card into your desktop pc for 11 Mbps data delivery and automatic support of rate-adaptive speed alterations. The card complies with IEEE 802. 11b Internal Wireless PCI Card.


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